Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Chair!

For Simon's birthday, GG, Aunt Donna and Aunt Ceil gave him a personalized, comfy, Simon-sized armchair! It's super cute, and he has learned how to get in and out of it on his own. Here are some pictures of Simon (and Leia) enjoying it!

Thank you for the wonderful chair!

13 months

Another month has flown by...and Simon is well into his second year. This month has been interesting...we had been planning for Simon to start daycare once Matt went back to work after Labor Day, but to make a long story short, that hasn't happened quite yet. We are hoping to get started within the next couple of weeks, but for now, Simon and Dad are still at home together.

He is still on the verge of walking--he has taken a step or two on his own once or twice, but doesn't seem to quite realize that could become his primary mode of locomotion. He does spend much of his day cruising and walking with either a chair or his walker toy, but he also took a pretty good spill and had to go to the doctor as a result. Everything was fine, but we will be happy when he's a little steadier!

About his monthly picture...we have excused Peeks the puppy from participating from now on, mostly because the photo shoots are getting harder and harder to stage with Simon's cooperation. So here's the boy at Remlinger Farms, enjoying a beautiful fall day!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simon's First Haircut

As much as we love Simon's ringlets, his hair has gotten a bit out of control. Take a look at this:

So after a couple of weeks of indecision, Simon went to Kids Club at University Village for his first haircut today. Here he is with Matt, waiting his turn:

Before the cut, in the great car seats that they use:

Getting his hair cut, with no freak outs and no tears!!

All done, and all cleaned up!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing Loki!

Ever since we lost Luke, Leia has seemed a little bit lonely. She meows at night and comes looking for more attention than usual. Once Matt goes back to work, we are a little worried that spending all day alone would make her sad.

So...we adopted another cat! His name is Loki, he's somewhere between 8 and 12 years old (Leia is 10, so we wanted an older cat) and he's really sweet. We found him through a small cat rescue organization, met him on Monday and then they brought him to us tonight.

Once they opened his carrier, he made himself right at home. He took a look around the place, had a snack at Leia's food bowl and came back for petting. We took a quick video of him...keep in mind this was maybe 20 minutes after he was brought to the house...clearly he feels at home!

We are taking our time introducing Leia and Loki. Hopefully by this weekend they will meet for the first time (we are keeping them apart for a few days first) and we really hope they become good friends.

Welcome to the family Loki!