Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Here are a few things the boys are learning these days:

Simon spent some time at a recent dinner teaching Nate some letters.

Here is Nate "reading"--he loves to page through books and tell us what's going on and here he has a prop as well. This is a long one but it's ridiculously adorable.

And here is Simon showing off the t-ball skills that he's been learning...he has a pretty good swing!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Nate the big boy

Nate has turned from baby into a little kid overnight, it seems. He is talking in sentences quite a bit, can count up to 10 items and is very physically confident with great hand-eye coordination. Here are a few videos!

Counting the lights in our room this past weekend:

Here he is shooting and making some baskets in his "hoop" that he loves.

And finally, playing catch with me with a delightful "football dance" at the end.

Simon the robot

Simon's obsession with robots is still going strong, as evidenced by these two videos.

In the first, he is showing off his robot costume that Matt made for him one day:

And in this one, which is such a fantastic snapshot of Simon's personality at this age, he uses our new treadmill to prepare for robot/superhero battle mode.

Great Wolf Lodge

We went away to Great Wolf Lodge last week, for two nights. It was chaotic, but a lot of fun! The main attraction is a big indoor waterpark, and both boys enjoyed that. Simon willingly wore his life jacket, which meant that he could swim on his own in the big wave pool and even go down so pretty big water tube slides all by himself! Nate liked going "uuuup! doooown!" in the wave pool with one of us but mostly wanted to be carried so he could check everything out from a safe vantage point.

The room was a lot of fun--it had a queen bed and sofa bed, but also a room within a room that was made to look like a cabin, for the boys. It had bunk beds and an extra twin in it. Simon was very excited about the bunk beds and slept on the top bunk the first night, but then joined Nate in the extra twin for night 2.

We did a few other really fun things--we spent some time in the arcade, where we played lots of games like ski-ball, whack-a-mole and air hockey. And we got the boys magic wands, so they were able to walk around the whole place and find magic items that would respond to their wands.

All in all, we had a good time, check out some pictures!


Big boy beds

We have yet another new configuration in the boys' room...two twin beds! The only problem? Nate doesn't actually sleep in his bed. He starts the night in Simon's bed and then comes over to us around 12-1PM. least it looks cute!