Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anniversary trip

For our 3rd anniversary, Matt and I spent the weekend at a beautiful place called the Salish Lodge and Spa. The lodge sits at the top of the Snoqualmie Falls, a 270-foot waterfall about 1/2 hour east of the city.

We had a lovely weekend--there was a wood-burning fireplace in every room, so we built fires both nights. It was so cozy--I've decided that a real fireplace is one of my top "must-haves" for our first house.

Check out some pictures from the weekend below.

Pictures of the city

Matt is working on this amazing penthouse unit in a highrise right near the water. Check out some amazing pictures of the city from his jobsite.

Seattle pictures!

One of the first weekends we were back in Seattle, karyn came up to visit and we went to the Washington Park Arboretum right here in Seattle. Check out the link below for some beautiful pictures of fall foliage in the area.

happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

We are heading out to Atlanta tonight, kind of a pain since we leave at 8:30PM and get there at 5:10 AM. And we have only 25 minutes to change planes in Denver, which is a bit daunting.

don't have much to say really, just wanted to wish everyone a happy turkey day!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

lazy lazy lazy

sorry we aren't more prolific yet, still trying to get into the swing of sharing the minutiae of our lives online.

Let's see, how about a boring update post. Lorie was here this past long weekend. It was great to see her and really fun showing her around Seattle. It's always interesting to see something you are familiar with through someone else's eyes--they always spot something you either haven't noticed recently or have been taking for granted. Lorie was particularly struck by the difference in the style of houses and landscaping around here. It sounds like a little thing, but in retrospect, I think it makes a pretty huge difference in how it feels to drive around and live here. The houses are smaller and much more detailed, and everyone has a personal touch out for show, be it a leaded glass window in the front door or an insanely elaborate Halloween display.

Seattleites aren't afraid to be kinda cheesy--there's an earnestness about the people here that at first can be easy to mock, but it's really what is at the heart of how damn nice everyone is here. Hipsters, hippies and yuppies find some sort of middle ground around here, much more so than I saw in NYC or Philadelphia.

I don't know where I fall in that classification. I guess towards the yuppie side, with my job in advertising and my VW Jetta. Oh well, I did the hippie thing and I'm definitely not cool enough to be a hipster. and I'm okay with that.

ta ta for now,

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Matt here - thinking this is the place for some random musings and thoughts - maybe it'll help me stay connected, since I'm a fairly terrible communicator.

I was listening to the radio the other day, and it being Seattle indie rock giant KEXP, the DJ was playing a Joy Division block due to the Ian Curtis biopic Control coming out shortly. I warn you that I'm going to say some things about Joy Division that aren't reverent, so tune out if you need to. I don't want to hear any weak protests.

Joy Division is one of those bands whose sound is always described as "unique" and "influential". I agree wholeheartedly - they paved the way for a good chunk of the electronica and post-punk spectrum. However, I'll argue that a lot of their music, while interesting, really isn't all that enjoyable to listen to.

I think it's an aspect of music that really pushes boundaries - the same thing can be said for Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, Husker Du, Steve Reich and late Miles Davis. The music is made up of components that are detailed, different and combined in unique ways. However, pushing so hard at certain aspects inevitably leaves the whole a bit unbalanced. The point I'm trying to make is that there seems to be a division between music you love and music you respect. Some bands push so far past the boundaries that it often takes someone to come back and reel the ambition back in just a bit.

So respect for all those that tear out of the envelope a little bit, even if it takes someone coming back and re-forming it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lorie's Coming to visit!!!

Cousin Lorie arrives tomorrow at about 9:15, I can't wait! She hasn't been out here yet, so I hope we can give her a feel for the city. Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain the entire time--not that that's a surprise. But we have some fun stuff to do, like take her to our favorite restaurant Bizzarro, go see Louis CK, hang out with our friends Amber and Richard and drive around some of our favorite places in the city.

Can't wait to see her!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Money and the early appearance of Christmas in the stores

Everyone always bitches about how Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. This year I noticed a commercial on TV around 10/15 that didn't say the words "Christmas" or "Holiday" but it was red, sparkly and somehow involved a toy store. So I think that counts. And at the mall yesterday, it's definitely getting started--JC Penney had a pretty tableau in its entrance, Bath and Body Works has "soft-launched" its holiday candles.

So why is this bad? I get that people see it as an indication of how commercial the holiday has become. It's all about shopping and not about all the other stuff, like family, the baby jesus, all that. But let's be honest. It can be all about the mushy stuff and you will still be buying lots of presents. And it will always cost a lot of money. And if the stores waited until mid-December to bring out the big Christmas displays, I wouldn't have enough time to save up for for everything I have to buy! I think the stores and TV ads are helping me be fiscally responsible--this way, I have from 10/15 or so to budget.

In the interest of full disclosure, i LOVE Christmas and wouldn't mind if it started around September first. Or maybe just after my birthday, so soften the blow of knowing I have 364 more days until Augst 13th of next year

Merry Christmas!