Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chowing Down

Nate is very interested in real people food, as opposed to his purees, so we have been letting him try some thing that are safe. This inevitably leads to a happy, filthy baby...

Here he shared a blueberry muffin with me and Simon, and somehow ended up lying in the mess he made:

And this afternoon I was eating toast with avocado. I gave him some avocado of his own in a little baby feeder he uses, but he clearly wasn't satisfied. So I let him try a bite of my toast...and he grabbed it out of my hands and somehow managed to eat pretty much the entire thing. Mind you, he still has no teeth, so he's just gumming all of this down!

Here are a few pictures and a cute video

Friday, July 20, 2012

Motorcycle Man

Simon got this cool toy from Aunt Donna and Uncle Paul quite a while ago, and it recently made a reappearance outside when the weather warmed up a bit. Now Simon calls it his motorcycle and takes quite a bit of pride in keeping it in tip top shape. Check him out:

First, he poured bubble soap from his bubble machine onto the motorcycle and scrubbed it clean:

Then he dried it off:

And finally, he educates me on what gear you need to go for a ride:

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Boxer

This is Spirit Week at Simon's daycare and they do something special each day. Today was Halloween, so the kids dressed up in costumes. We had a boxer costume that was too big on his this past Halloween, and it fit perfectly. Matt managed to capture a couple of wonderful pictures, enjoy...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 months

Nate the Great is Eight (months old)! Here's what we've been up to:

He is very comfortable sitting by himself now, here he is in a cute new romper that Grandma sent:

Nate is babbling a ton lately...he use a lot of B and M sounds, and I like to pretend that when he says Mamamamamama, he is calling for me.

He is also super grabby these days, and very curious. He loves to grab eyeglasses, our food and drinks, the cat...anything within reach. Here he is sizing me up to see if he can steal away my phone from me...

Nate's sleep is mediocre, to put it kindly, and he spends much of the night with us. He's very different from Simon that way--Simon was independent from the start and did better when he had his own space to sleep. Nate is happiest with his face smushed up against one of ours, he is always grabbing our faces almost as he would a security blanket, or playing with my hair to fall asleep. It's adorable, and we have somewhat given up fighting the fact that we are basically cosleeping with him at this point. Here he is just falling asleep for a nap and then below, a shot of the sweet face we get to wake up to.

And in the mornings, Simon has a new ritual of coming into our room to say hi to Nate when he is just waking up. He still calls him bro bro much of the time, but has recently started imitating me and calling him Little Man, which is about the cutest thing ever. Here they are doing their thing one recent morning.

Finally, here's just a cute shot of the brothers together!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Water babies

We had our first weekend of 75+ degrees and sun, and we made the most of it!

On Saturday we went to the nearby wading pool. Simon had a great time, it's amazing how much more independent he is than a year ago. And Nate got his first taste of water outside of the bathtub and really seemed to enjoy it!

Then today we set up a couple of new water toys out back and hung out at home. Lots of fun again, both boys really seem to enjoy the water!

Who is that cute baby?

Nate spent some time talking to himself in tr mirror's a short clip: