Friday, January 30, 2015


While I'm not lucky enough to be heading to the Super Bowl again this year, our Seattle Seahawks ARE!! And we have really gotten into following them this season, Nate in particular.

He likes to wear either his own Russell Wilson jersey or my Marshawn Lynch jersey and then only respond to their names. Here are a couple of videos with him as Beast Mode (Lynch).

During the Packers game, he really seemed to be watching and getting into it!

Simon, on the other hand, was a little less interested, and spent the game building a robot army that I suspect may try and take over planet Earth.

(in case you were wondering, this is a set of 10 mini-bots that can either work separately or combine into one megabot. of course.)

Meanwhile, my workplace has been VERY into the games, with lots of team spirit on "Blue Fridays".

I did get the chance to go to the last regular season game in late December, with a few colleagues. We even got to go out on the field and watch warm-ups from the sideline!

Walking through the tunnel to the field.

Pete Carroll!

Hauschka came by...and no, he's not that short.

Richard Sherman

Russell Wilson...well, his back at least!

View from the seats

Work friends!

So, heading into Super Bowl weekend...LET'S GO HAWKS!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Long overdue, but here are some of our favorite moments and pictures from Christmas. We had a great holiday--Grandma came out to visit and the boys were in heaven with all of the excitement.

On Christmas eve, we all got prepped. The boys got new pajamas as their final 25 Days of Christmas treat and Grandma read the classic, Twas the Night Before Christmas, before bedtime. And of course we put out cookies for Santa and snacks for the reindeer!

Once the boys were asleep, we went to work!

The next morning started around 6am and we all opened our stockings. We got Grandma up at about 7 and started opening the gifts under the tree. And wow, did we have a great Christmas with some really special gifts from family (and Santa, of course!).

Simon got something called the Batbot, a remote controlled Batman vehicle that transforms itself. Needless to say, it was right up his alley.

And one of Nate's favorites from the morning was his "walking-on piano" (thanks Nana and Papa W!).

I even got pulled into playing the piano, here's a video that I didn't know mom took at the time. :)

Here are a bunch more pictures and videos of our Christmas morning!

The next few days were fun, with Grandma still here and the four of us home from school and work. We played with new toys, read books and watched movies at home, went over to Bellevue for an early New Year's dance party, and Mom and I even went together to check out some dresses for me for Karyn and Fernando's upcoming wedding!

Overall, it was a great holiday! Thanks to Grandma for adding to the fun and to everyone for the wonderful gifts, treats, cards and love this holiday!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

25 Days of Christmas, part 3

OK...starting back in with day 15, we did our annual gently used toy donation. Simon, as he has in the past, really took it to heart, and chose about 5 toys to donate. Nate didn't quite understand, but would review Simon's choices and approve (or veto).

day 15 hint:

and Simon choosing toys:

On Day 17, we took a long drive around to see all of the great lights. The boys weren't terribly excited to go until they saw some of the houses that really go all out in a nearby neighborhood!

Day 17 hint:

Awesome house!

On Day 18 they got a cool Christmas puzzle, so their hint was a puzzle of their names!

Day 19 we made cards for Santa, to be put out for him on Christmas eve!

 Day 20 we took a trip downtown to see some amazing gingerbread houses at the Sheraton...all in order to be inspired for making our own!

Day 20 hint:

 At the Sheraton:

And home making our own!

Day 21 was one that was much anticipated...cookie baking! Both boys helped a lot, but it was Nate that really got into it. He even helped roll out the dough for the sugar cookies!

Day 23 we made snacks for Rudolph and the other reindeer, which included carrots, celery, oats, nuts and a sprinkle of sugar, of course.

And finally, Day 24 was Christmas eve, of course! But I'm going to hold on that and do a separate post soon!