Monday, March 2, 2015


Simon's obsession with robots is as strong as ever.

His school recently hosted an Art Gala. All of the classrooms focused on one element of art--line, color, form, texture...Simon's class focused on form and they all made very intricate masks. His was an awesome robot head, check it out!

His class also worked together to make this cool Space Needle--each child had his/her own color fingerprints!

And at home, robots are everywhere as usual. Simon loves to pretend to be a transformer/robot type of creature pretty often:

And this might be the sweetest thing ever. Simon had a good friend named Benjamin that he used to go to daycare with. Benjamin moved away to NJ a couple of years ago, but Simon still talks about him regularly. Last fall, he asked if he could write Benjamin a letter, so I found his mom's email, wrote and asked for their address. She said Benjamin still talked about Simon too, and that he would love to be penpals! So we started by sending him a card that Simon dictated to me, and right before Christmas, we got an awesome card back from Benjamin, with a cool Frozen drawing that he had done inside! 

Simon spent a lot of time thinking about what he wanted to send back, and finally decided on a Lego robot. He built this one below, and then I took each piece apart and hot glued it together, with his blessing, so it could travel more safely. We added a card and the package went out today!

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